"My mission is to provide a quality restoration process that is both functional and attractive. I believe that it is very important to preserve the original integrity and beauty of the buildings we restore"


Kevin M. Waggle



What We Did: The removal of ten coats of paint, cleaning of brickwork, sawcutting of all masonry joints, and repointing of brickwork.

"Ours is a century old family violin business. The shop is in a mid-nineteenth century Rittenhouse Square row house. A few years ago, Kevin Waggle and his crew washed decades of black paint from the facade and exposed the original brick surface so that now the building looks much as it did one hundred years ago. Dealing as we do in treasured antique musical instruments, tasteful and appropriate restoration of our house was critical to us. We are delighted with the appearance of our facade and the work that Kevin did for us."

Sincerely yours,

Richard Donovan, Associate